No Paint, No Gain 🎨
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No Paint, No Gain 🎨

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  1. Measuring Tape:  To measure your wall before you start.  A quart of paint covers 100 sq feet.  A gallon covers 400 square feet.  
  2. Flathead Screwdriver:  To remove light switch plates and electrical socket plates. 
  3. Safety goggles: To protect your 👀
  4. Safety N95 mask: To protect your 👃 and 👄
  5. Vinyl gloves: To protect your🖐
  6. Sponge:  To use with your household cleaner to wipe off any visible dirt or grease 
  7. Spackle:  To fill up any holes
  8. Putty Knife: To wipe away excess spackle
  9. Sandpaper: To smooth out all non-flat surfaces on the wall
  10. Plastic Drop Cloth: To protect your floors, windows, and other surfaces you don't want paint on
  11. Masking Tape:  To hold down the plastic drop cloth and to line the edge of trim, windows, and ceiling to avoid painting surfaces you don't want paint on.


  1. Paint Tray:  To use with standard 9 in. roller covers and frames. Made with solvent-resistant metal for durability. Holds up to 1 quart paint. 
  2. Paint Tray Liner: To allow your tray to be reused and eliminates cleanup mess. 
  3. Paint Brush: 2 inch angled sash.  Compatible with Latex and Oil based paints. 
  4. Paint Brush for Trim:  To make trimwork and edging easier.  Soft rubber handle designed to provide extra comfort and control. Great for tight, small spaces.
  5. Roller Covers (x2):  9 in x 9/16 inch microfiber.  Compatible with Latex and Oil based paints. 
  6. Roller Frame:  To use as a handle for the roller covers
  7. Extension pole:  To paint upper walls and ceilings
  8. Paint Can Opener
  9. Mixing Stick 


  1. Carbon Steel Paint Multi-Tool: To clean paint brushes and roller covers
  2. Paint Brush Cover:  To live to paint another day!  Keeps your brush wet for multi-day projects
  3. Paint Brush Roller Cover:  Same thing, just bigger for the roller! 

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